Web Creation

YZ Partners is a one-stop shop for omni-channel website production as the mainstay of your business.
Websites are the “face of a company,” and it is essential to design a website from the user’s point of view, and to define the website for the entire channel.


Corporate website

With the widespread use of the Internet, a corporate website is literally the front door to a company, and the ability of a website to effectively communicate the company's features can have a significant impact on recognition and sales.

Recruitment website

In new graduate recruitment, it is essential to capture the hearts and minds of Generation Z and attract them to your company. In mid-career recruiting as well, it is necessary to maximize the appeal of the company's culture and working environment, and provide information and designs that are appealing to applicants.


We provide total support from system creation to operation, leveraging our experience and ability to handle a wide variety of industries.
We maximize user needs and business results.

E-commerce site

Platforms such as Shopify and BASE have simplified the construction of e-commerce sites. That is why we are committed to CVR, and build e-commerce sites that not only express a world view, but also move the hearts of our customers.

Media Site

In media site production, it is important to select a highly scalable CMS, implement SEO measures, and set up internal design and analytics to improve operational efficiency in order to expand the potential for monetization and data linkage.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

As competition on the Internet intensifies, SEO is an essential element in improving a company's ability to attract customers. Aruba Connect has a number of first-class SEO professionals on staff. We provide SEO services that utilize solid knowledge and strategies for building a solid foundation.